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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Times, Good Friends

I raced in Vermont today and since I am from Massachusetts, I took some time to visit friends along the way. A big thanks to everyone for feeding me, housing me and providing laughter and conversation. I started in Quechee on Friday night where Marty and Chris entertained me on the veranda, overlooking the mountains. The evening was cool and breathtaking. On to Kevin and Sharon's new house in White River Junction. Lots of pets, lots of love, lots of good conversation to "chew" for weeks to come. Thanks Spooch.
Next day to the National Forest and the little town of Ripton where I FINALLY met Yib and Yared, sons of Jes and Chris. They had a friend over for dinner and being around 3 teenage boys was quite entertaining. Last stop, Natick, Massachusetts and the home of Cath and Jelly, the cat with the unusually long whiskers. Quick stop at DQ tonight for a world famous blizzard and I am almost ready for bed. Home tomorrow.
Oh yeh.... the race. That is the point. It was terrific. No podium finish but I had a really good event. Wound up placing 4th but gave it my all, so nothing to be disappointed in. Averaged 19.1 on the bike and was around 8 minute miles on the run. Strong swim too but other heartier, Vermont gals were just faster than me today. Talked to many women about ovarian cancer. Many came up to me, as they recognized my tri suit was different with the OCRF logo and started asking questions. I had some very meaningful conversations. I hope it made a difference in someone's life. That REALLY is the point.
So all in all, a terrific couple of days. Another state done. Next stop Arizona.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vermont Here I Come

Another weekend approaching.... another race, another state. I am particularly excited about racing in Vermont, because it means I have to travel through my old stomping ground of Massachusetts. I have 3 good friends in Vermont and will be seeing all of them en route, with a stop over at a friend's house in MA too. Now that's what I call multi-tasking. And no hotel expenses this weekend too. Multi-tasking on a budget!
Marty and Christine will feed me on Friday night. Kevin and Sharon will put me up. Jess, Chris and the boys will be my hosts for Saturday night and then Cath will be my final stop in MA before returning home on Monday. I am taking the extra day since I have so many people to see.
The race will be in the Green Mountains, near Middlebury, so I am sure it will be spectacular. The hills should be challenging and the water might be chilly but the vistas will make up for it. I had my bike in for a tuneup this week and she is ready to go. The derailer actually had a crack in it which would explain the recent clunk clunking. But I'm good to go now.
More after the race... stay tuned.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thanks for the Ride

Training can be a lonely business... so I want to thank my friends from this past weekend for the great Connecticut ride, the conversation and the company. It was a terrific ride with lovely scenic views, cows and horses and some killer hills. A far cry from the streets of Long Island. My buddy Pete, a friend from high school, coordiated it and so a special shout out goes to him. Ron, I may be calling you again for a ride since you made a generous offer to do so. And Dave and Lindy, best of luck with your travels. Oh and a special thanks to Dave's son and wife (Troy and Judy) for the cookies and the coffee after the ride. That was perhaps the best part. Well, that's it for now. Off to the pool to be smoked by the Team Total Training gang.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Super Human Weekend

I don't mean the results of the weekend.  In fact, I don't even know my results.  We didn't wait around for them after the race because we had a 12 hour drive home from Ohio to contend with.  The super human status refers to the entire adventure.  A 12 hour drive each way to Ohio in one weekend.  Oh yea... and a race.  Check out the videos of before and after the race.  You can actually hear the whipping wind in the "after" video... yikes.
Big shout out to mom for keeping me company, keeping me awake, driving when I needed a nap and for the overall laughter and fun.  Suffice it to say, every state has a story and this was no different.  The story of Ohio is about the tornados, the rain, the lightning and thunder and 40 mph cross winds across the very flat corn fields.  White caps on the lake, afraid to take my hands off the handlebars to drink because of the wind and a cross country run through mud on the aqueduct. 
On the way home we stopped at Schlep's Diner (yes, you can't make this stuff up) and the lights were out.  They were still cooking and we were starving so we stayed.  But when mom went to use the ladies room, Schlep himself followed her in with a candle.  She thought he might stay and hold it too but he just wanted to make sure she was ok.
Super human, hysterical, whirlwind adventure.... all to raise much needed funds for ovarian cancer research.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Oh Ohio

Tomorrow morning at 5 am, mom and I venture to Ohio to race and complete state #13. It is just close enough to drive (about 650 miles) and just far enough to be a drag. I suppose I could fly but then I would have to ship the bike. Ka-ching! Since I drive a Prius that gets 50 mpg, the choice seems clear. So it's the open road for us gals tomorrow. Race briefing on Saturday and then, race on Sunday and drive home right after. Makes for a long weekend but hey, it's for the cause.
Truth to tell, I am looking forward to the girl time with mom. We never run out of things to talk about. Why is that? And I am looking forward to being one state closer to my goal.
So check out my blog next week. I will try to get a video and photos up on Monday. In the meantime, please ask your friends to donate $5 to OCRF by clicking the link at the top of this page. We really are closing in on finding a method of early detection and need every penny to make this a reality.