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Friday, October 26, 2012

Seeking Balance

This is the time of year I work harder.  My professional life takes a back seat come spring and summer as autumn is usually when I take on more projects.  Reduced training and less travel enables me to say "yes" more often and tick off things on my to-do list.  That being said, stop the train... I want to get off.  What is it about the people pleaser in me that has to say "yes" to everything?  Where is the balance?  Sure the bank account is looking good so I can cover next season's campaign but is that all it's about?  I haven't worked out in three days, haven't seen my husband in over a week and don't even want to admit my sleeping habits. 
If you know me at all, you know I believe in writing down your goals.  That's really what this post is about.  I want to affirm my commitment to seeking better balance throughout this particular professional stretch. 
  • I will take more time for my family and friends. 
  •  I will find time to work out, even if it is only a half an hour. 
  • I will sleep more. 
There... I've written it down.  Now for everyone reading this, please challenge me to stay true to my word.  It begins tonight with a solid eight hour sleep and continues tomorrow with an 11 am massage.  At least I'll have 24 hours of balance.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Change of Stroke

I am very fortunate to live near two pools.  Freeport Recreation Center is literally a mile from my home with an outdoor Olympic size pool (in the summer) and a standard 25 meter pool for the rest of the year.  Eisenhower Park hosts the amazing aquatic center in the photo with lots of 50 meter lanes and several teams to work out with.  For years I worked out with TTT (Team Total Training) but due to schedule constraints, I recently had to search for another group.  Enter Excel Swimming and a batch of new coaches.
This entirely new approach has me completely undone but I trust it will improve my swimming in the long run. Logistically I have to get used to the new schedule.  This means a few extra early mornings as I swim with a Masters group at 6 am.  So much for my 6 am wakeup (which is considered "sleeping in").  Now I have to be at the pool at 5:50.  And then there's half a dozen new coaches to get used to.  These are swimmers, not necessarily triathletes and they take their sport very seriously.  I recently read if you want to improve at some aspect of triathlon, hang with the single sport folks.  In other words, swim with swimmers, cycle with cylists and run with runners. 
Suffice it to say, they are revamping my stroke, have me working on bilateral breathing and breathing from my belly button.... no, really.  It is awkward, clumsy and slow but I can see where this will pay off by next season.... I hope.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where Are My Gloves?

On this, the first really chilly morning of the season, I found myself scrambling for things misplaced since early last spring. With the triathlon season behind me and almost four weeks of inactivity and healing, I am getting a bit antsy and counting days until I can begin exercising again. A self-imposed goal of six weeks "off" seems like forever now but I'm sure my body will appreciate the time. So with two more weeks to go, today's activity included running around my house looking for my gloves. Does that count as exercise?