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As an ovarian cancer survivor, I will race in 50 triathlons in all 50 states by 50-years-old to raise $100,000 for ovarian cancer research. This campaign is self inspired, self orchestrated and 100% self funded. In addition, all in-kind donations are turned into cash donations by me in the same name of the person who donates. I race for women who have lost their battle, women undergoing treatment and women yet to be diagnosed.

Please help with even a $10 donation!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Look What Texas Did

These are the jerseys the firefighters from Highland Park will be donning at the St. Patrick's Day Triathlon in Keller, Texas in 2 weeks. They designed them, found someplace to make them and paid out of pocket so that they could be part of my "team".

Talk about being supportive!!!!!

These guys rock! I have never met them, only emailed one of them and they are working this campaign like crazy. I can't wait to actually meet them, hug them and thank them for their efforts, on behalf of women everywhere and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

We can all make a difference and these guys are putting their money where their mouths are. Thanks Highland Park DPS. See you soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Triathlete Magazine March 2011

I know this is hard to read but you have to trust me when I say, my campaign made it into Triathlete Magazine again. Sgt. John Lee from Texas wrote a letter about my campaign and it got published. He's the firefighter who has gotten his company to race with me in Texas, all in an effort to support my campaign. Well I guess Tri Mag liked his story and they printed his letter. With 3 weeks left until I get to Texas, I am writing press releases and doing a big push to bring some attention to this kick off event. If you are in the Dallas area, please come out and cheer us on. With this brutal winter and an early season race, I am less than fit so I'd appreciate all the support I can muster. In the meantime, please tell all your friends about this campaign and ask them to send $5. It all adds up. And thanks!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Weeks To Go

Race season 2011 starts in THREE weeks. Where did the time go? The schedule is set, about half the reservations are made and my bicycle is tuned up and ready to be shipped. The only thing left to do is fundraise. Ok, I have given everyone some time off from the hounding on Facebook and general badgering for money. But now it's time again. Donation emails will start going out today. Please, in the moment, click on the link and make a donation. Even $5 and $10 donations are meaningful and add up. I have raised about $33000 for OCRF so far but won't quit until I have reached my $100K goal. PLEASE help if you can. In the meantime, I will be training, organizing, packing, shipping and racing to help find a method of early detection for ovarian cancer.

Friday, February 11, 2011

It Looks So Easy

So my winter goal has been flip turns. You know, when you fly off the wall in Michael Phelps fashion, without having to grip the wall and pull on your shoulder.  As they say in the trade, oy vey!  It is much harder than it looks and it is not coming very easy to me.  But hey, I like a challenge. This is one of the best videos I have found.  Between YouTube and coach Natalie, I might actually get it by the end of the winter. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fitness Mounting

This winter a "ticker" was added to my blog so I can see exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until my first race. I thought it would be fun to keep track and now I find it intimidating. With a month and five days 'til kickoff, I am working towards improving my fitness without injury. Well, you already know about the mallet finger but I don't count that. The key is to improve fitness gradually, challenge myself with increased speed and duration during my workouts and not do any lingering damage. It's a critical time of year, especially for a 47 year old body. There is this imaginary line that defines the correct amount of training and over-training. So far so good but I was walking the line yesterday. We FINALLY had a day over 40 degrees and the sun was warm on my face. The streets are clear of ice and I went for a long run. Even though my lungs and my legs said, "go further," my brain told me to halt at seven miles. It's all about the balance. Now off to the pool.