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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Name in the News

Great press in the Shreveport Times today!! I am especially excited about River Cities Triathlon because I will be seeing so many friends there. My college roommate from too many years ago lives there. I haven't seen her in about five years. She is part of the reason I chose this particular race. Kari, my "twin separated at birth", that I met in Texas is coming. Sargent John Lee of the Highland Park DPS and his firefighter buddies are coming to race and raise money for my campaign... sounds more like a party than a triathlon, if you ask me.
There will be a "first" at this race too. I am going to participate in the expo. Relentlessly acquiring about $2000 worth of donations of gear and tri stuff, I will be hosting a raffle at the two day expo. All proceeds go to OCRF but more important, I want the opportunity to meet the athletes and talk about signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. This information is vital, can save a life and is why I race. So counting down the days until Louisiana, state #29.... next week.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smack Dab in the Middle

So I thought the middle of the country was relatively flat. How else can they plant all those crops? From what folks tell me, it's true.... except for Omaha. That's where today's event was held, representing state #28 of my 50x50x100 campaign. Hills, hills and more hills. I saw 36 mph on a downhill so that should tell you something. Of course, what goes down must go up. Until now, Maryland has been the hilliest state. Today Maryland was de-throwned and Nebraska has taken its place.
Great event, very well run and organized. Closed course which was really sweet for the cycle. Hot water to swim in...near 90 degrees. Close to 100 degree temps but with decent cloud cover early this morning. Did I mention the hills? Not just on the bike but the run too. The kind you actually have to lean into, so you don't fall backwards.
I was particularly concerned after my Kansas race of a few weeks ago. With similar temperatures, I held back and took it easier than normal. It must have paid off because I felt terrific after the event. Missed the podium by one spot; took 4th but I'd rather be safe out there... especially with six more event left this season.
Next stop Louisiana. Now that should be HOT but hopefully a little flatter than today.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Next Stop.... Nebraska

It is so funny how time marches on. Back in November, I chose the Omaha Triathlon as my Nebraska race and it felt like light years away. And yet in four days, I will once again board a plane and head to the interior of our country. A sister state to Kansas, I am hopeful the temperatures are a little more in my favor this time.
I am looking forward to meeting the folks of Nebraska and participating in the event. Nebraska will mark state #28 on my 50x50x100 campaign. Over the halfway hurdle, it feels good to know I WILL COMPLETE this goal. Even more exciting is the feedback I am getting from folks who heard about my campaign, one way or another. Many are telling me about lost loved ones to this disease and others share that they are more educated as a result of what they learned/read. I am alive to do this (by a small miracle) and it feels so good to do so. This is why I race.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Racing Smart

If I told you today's race was brutal, it wouldn't paint the whole picture. 110 degrees of Kansas heat. I walked almost the entire 10K part of the run....the first time I walked during a race (except for once, 6 weeks post chemo so I don't count that time). I thought I was having a heart attack. Or a stroke. No really. But what I realized was that my core temperature was dangerously high and it wasn't worth running. Even after the race, I couldn't regain composure. I was dizzy, seeing spots and had numbness in my hands and arms. It wasn't dehydration; it was just too much heat.

After a long rest at the race site, a cold shower, a snack and a nap, I am back to normal and happy to report state #27 is complete. The map is looking pretty full, isn't it?

A very large thanks to race director, Alan and the Kansas River Valley Tri Club for my largest single contribution to date. A whopping $1500 check. Kudos to the Wichita Eagle for a great piece in yesterday's paper (which I will try to post this week), Donovan Auto & Truck Center for a comp car, Bicycle X-Change for my bike set up and the Marriot/Fairfield Inn in Downtown Wichita for my comp hotel room. And of course.... Matty. A special thanks to my step dad for surprising me here and taking such good care of me after the race. Truth to tell, I think I scared the heck out of him. I was pretty out of it. Did I say the race was brutal?

Next step, Omaha Nebraska in two weeks. But tonight, a big hamburger!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There's No Place Like Kansas

As I channel my inner "Dorothy", I am overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Once again, I've been working with an amazing race director who has hooked me up in a big way. My bike was shipped to Bicycle X-Change and they are putting it together for me at no cost. I am being given a complimentary car to drive around for the weekend, courtesty of Donovan Auto & Truck Center. And lastly, three night complimentary hotel is being offered by the brand new, two week old, Marriot Fairfield Inn & Suites- Downtown Wichita. I am so excited to race the Mudwater Triathlon in Goddard, Kansas. It's gonna be a hot one, with temps near 100 this week. No wetsuit for me. Especially exciting is that I plan to be at the expo on Saturday to meet as many racers as possible. And as an added bonus, my stepdad who is on a solo cross country road trip, is planning on meeting me there. State #27 coming up.