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Monday, December 30, 2013

Most and More

The list continues....
  • Most Memorable Moment: NEW MEXICO.  I came upon an 8 year old who was racing in a youth event and attempted to inspire her by asking her to pace with me for a bit.  She tried to keep up and at one point said, "Is this your first triathlon?"  I told her no and she said it was hers.  I recommended she remember every second of it as you never forgot your first. 
  • States where I had to WALK on the run:  KANSAS, MISSOURI and HAWAII.  Not that I am proud of this but these three states kicked my butt.  I had nothing left and not only did my physical body get defeated but my mind did as well.  In the words of my mother-in-law...alas, so it goes.
  • Penalty given:  TEXAS.  My one and only penalty and for drafting.  In case you don't know what that is, it means I was in a cyclists jet-stream, obtaining an unfair advantage, capitalizing on their effort and putting us both at risk of an accident.  Did I realize I was doing it?  Yes.   Does everyone do it? Yes.  Do I do it anymore?  No.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Clarification

I had a birthday on Christmas Eve and received many lovely messages celebrating the day.  Thank you.  But most of the messages were congratulating me on turning 50 and entering the new decade.  Bear with me; this is a little confusing to explain.  I am not yet 50 but a mere 49 years old.  However, as of January 1, the triathlon governing body considers me 50 because I turn 50 years old in 2014.  As of January 1, I compete in the 50-54 age group...which I am actually looking forward to.  On any given day, I hardly remember how old I am.  My mother barely knows because of this little technicality with the USAT. This past year I was competing as a 49 year old even though I was only 48.  Does this make sense?  So while I have appreciated the loving thoughts and welcoming to the next decade, it is a bit premature.  Even though my calf will sport the number 50 for my 2014 season, my real age is still 49, until next December 24.   I do hope this clears up any lingering confusion. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My FOX Interview

Just checked the FoxNY website and my interview is up.... best birthday present ever. Check it out. New York News

Friday, December 20, 2013

Every State Has a Story

As I continue with my recap list, here are some favs:
  • Most Chaotic Transition: WEST VIRGINIA.  With a Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distance happening in the same small parking garage, there were bodies everywhere going every which way.  While most transition areas are outdoors, this one was in an underground parking garage.  Impossible for spectators to view and challenging to maneuver around other athletes.
  • Coldest Water: MAINE.  A dock start plunge into the Atlantic Ocean took my breath away.  Maine water NEVER warms up.  Low 50s for sure and you could hear gasping as everyone jumped in.  Brutal.
  • Most Frightening: OHIO.  Tornado.  Gail force winds.  Rain.  That's all I'll say about that.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


  • Hottest Race: KANSAS.  Record temps of 111 degrees.  I was dehydrated having only flown in the night before and never got the chance to prepare for the heat.  Not that I even could have.  The race was run well with freezing cold towels every 1/2 mile but honestly, what can you do with 111 degrees?
  • Most Media Coverage: MINNESOTA.  Go figure. No rhyme or reason to the PR.  It was random at best and some states took the bait and others didn't jump at all. Minnesota did a front page spread and the race was very supportive of the press effort.  It was nice because the article posted before the race so by the time the event came, people knew who I was and were able to approach me with questions.  Certainly made my outreach effort easier.
  • Further distance traveled: HAWAII.  Close second is Alaska but I think Hawaii has it beat by just a little bit.  Lucky for me,  Hawaiian Airlines started direct flights out of JFK so there was no layover midway.  Made for a long flight but two movies, two meals and a nap... and I was there.
More soon....

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Mosts and The Bests List

Meaning no disrespect to any state or event, I have compiled a list of some of the little nuggets that stick out in my mind.  So without further delay... drum roll please...
  • Coldest Race:  ALABAMA. You would think Alabama in May was a sure bet but they had a wicked ice storm that produced hail and freezing rain.  Temps never got about 50. It was miserable.
  • Toughest Run: WYOMING.  Billed as a trail run, it was bush-whacking.  No trail; just red flags every 20 paces.  Through fields of waist high grass, over streams, rocks, up and down the Big Horn Mountains. Oh and did I mention it was at 9000 feet elevation? 
  • Most Unique Event: NEW MEXICO.  A backwards triathlon. Run, Bike and then Swim.  I killed the run because I had so much energy and since that's where I tend to struggle, I did very well.  Took 1st in age. Not sure I would want to do that order all the time but it was interesting.
That's enough for now.  Stay tuned... there's a lot more recaps to come.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Recap Begins

People have been asking questions like, when did you do this state? or what was your favorite state? or which was the prettiest? So in an effort to re-live the last five years, I have been putting together a list of all the questions and thinking of answers. Stay tuned as the recap unfolds. In the meantime, here is a list of each state and date of the event. 1 MASSACHUSETTS JULY 29 2007 2 ILLINOIS JUNE 22 2008 3 WASHINGTON SEPT 7 2008 4 CALIFORNIA OCT 19 2008 5 NORTH CAROLINA JUNE 13 2009 6 CONNECTICUT JULY 19 2009 7 NEW YORK JULY 26 2009 8 MAINE AUG 30 2009 9 PENNSYLVANIA SEPT 20 2009 10 NEVADA MARCH 27 2010 11 NEW JERSEY MAY 15 2010 12 MARYLAND MAY 16 2010 13 OHIO JUNE 6 2010 14 VERMONT JUNE 27 2010 15 ARIZONA JULY 19 2010 16 UTAH JULY 24 2010 17 WEST VIRGINIA AUG 8 2010 18 VIRGINIA AUG 14 2010 19 DELAWARE AUG 15 2010 20 MISSISSIPPI OCT 9 2010 21 TEXAS MARCH 13 2011 22 FLORIDA APRIL 17 2011 23 INDIANA MAY 14 2011 24 GEORGIA MAY 21 2011 25 ALASKA JUNE 12 2011 26 NORTH DAKOTA JUNE 18 2011 27 KANSAS JULY 10 2011 28 NEBRASKA JULY 24 2011 29 LOUISIANA AUG 7 2011 30 MONTANA SEPT 2 2011 31 RHODE ISLAND SEPT 24 2011 32 TENNESSEE APRIL 1 2012 33 NEW MEXICO APRIL 21 2012 34 SOUTH CAROLINA MAY 12 2012 35 OKLAHOMA JUNE 3 2012 36 NEW HAMPSHIRE JUNE 10 2012 37 MISSOURI JUNE 23 2012 38 COLORADO JULY 7 2012 39 MINNESOTA JULY 21 2012 40 IDAHO JULY 29 2012 41 WISCONSIN AUG 18 2012 42 ARKANSAS SEPT 9 2012 43 ALABAMA MAY 4 2013 44 KENTUCKY MAY 25 2013 45 IOWA JUNE 8 2013 46 OREGON JULY 6 2013 47 MICHIGAN JULY 28 2013 48 WYOMING AUG 24 2013 49 SOUTH DAKOTA AUG 31 2013 50 HAWAII NOV 24 2013