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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Third Time's A Charm

I have tried two times in the last two years to get to Oregon for a race.  Both times bad weather and delayed or cancelled flights have made it impossible.  This week and for the third time I will try again.  I have an early flight which bodes well for summer storms and a direct flight in Seattle which is more predictable.  My friend Ann (the one responsible for getting me into this sport in the first place) will meet me and drive me to Oregon.  Keep crossed fingers that I will claim Oregon as my 46th state this time next week.  The way I see it.... third time's a charm!

Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Nice To Be Asked

Early season results have been good enough to qualify for the 2013 Age Group Nationals in the Oly distance this summer.  It's pretty cool as you have to incur some podium finishes to qualify.  Unfortunately I can't attend but Ms. Manners says it is still nice to be asked, even if you can't attend the party. 
Speaking of finishes... missed first place this past weekend by.... wait for it..... SIX SECONDS.  No way I could  have made up the time (as ridiculous as that sounds).  I had nothing left in the tank; I put it all into the course... just the way are supposed to in this sport.  But really, six seconds?  It's all good. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I am officially addicted to the sport of triathlon.  With New York long since out of the way of my 50 states, I don't need to race here again but... I can't help myself.  After all, I am well trained and have a "week off".  So this weekend I will race in the 2nd Annual Police Triathlon in Putnam County, NY.  It's a local race near where I grew up and I do so love cycling those roads.  So if you are anywhere near Carmel this weekend, come on out to the race.  Early weather forecasts are promising and it should be a great event.  By the way...  Is there a 12-step program for triathletes?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Drawing Near

It's getting pretty close to the end.  I am really excited about the fundraising totals, having crested over $95,000 now.  With only five states left, the end is in sight.  No, I do not know what I will do with "all my free time" when the 50x50x100 campaign is complete.  Nor do I wish to think about it yet.  I am blessed with an incredible momentum and power to make things materialize once I set my mind to it.  I get that from my mother.  But I want to live in the present year, enjoy it for all that it is and not get ahead of myself by making plans for my next adventure. I am sure something will present itself and knowing me, the relative free time will be filled quickly.  For now, I am extremely busy making a big push for PR with the final leg of the campaign, working a ton at all my various jobs, training hard and getting the logistics in place for the remaining five states.  This will be bittersweet for sure but for now, it is a reason to celebrate. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

NASCAR, Triathlon and a Rental Car

I guess I should be pleased that I've raced in 44 states without any major errors. I mean with all the logistics juggling, it was bound to happen. Well I can't claim "mistake-free" any longer. I had a layover at Midway en route to Iowa and went to plug in the address at my final hotel destination. It makes it easier to get on the road when I jump in my rental car. And there it was....the big blank space on my "cheat sheet". I forgot to book my rental car.
Several years ago I started making a spreadsheet for each state. All information for that state is in one place; race information, directions, race director's contact information, race distance and timing, packet pick up, race briefing, flight, hotel, rental car information, bike information ( the most important) and press outreach and contacts. Lastly on my "cheat sheet" is any information about local people who've contacted me, who I need to meet or things I need to do upon arrival. Each state's spreadsheet is a work of art.
But alas, no rental car was planned for Iowa. So with 15 minutes until boarding I got online only to come up empty. No cars to be had. I got on the phone, touted my Emerald Club status which produced a big fat nothing only to learn there wasn't an agency that had an available car within a 100 mile radius. Apparently NASCAR was in town!
My race was located an hour away from the airport so cabs were out of the question and there is no public transportation in rural Iowa. With a racing heart, my tail between my legs for my first major blunder and lightning speed I researched the distance from Midway to where I was trying to go. Five hours...a reasonable distance by car. As I made this decision the gate closed and the connecting flight left without me.
It all worked out but it was a nail biter for sure.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Iowa on Deck

Next up, Holiday Lake Triathlon in Brooklyn.... Iowa. Representing state #45, I love that I'm flying half way across the country to race in Brooklyn. I've received some great support so far and am looking forward to connecting with as many women (and men) in the area as possible. Showing some iffy flight connections with the impending and fast approaching tropical storm so keep crossed fingers I actually get out of the area before it hits.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

National Running Day

There's a celebratory day for just about everything, everyone and every hobby.... well here's one I can really get behind.  National Running Day is this Wednesday, June 5.  I actually thought it was today and wished my running group a "happy day" this morning.  They never heard of it so no one corrected me.  But when I went to make this post and grab a photo, I saw it wasn't until Wednesday.  No worries... I'll celebrate it again.
In the last 20 years runners have raised over a billion dollars for great causes in races and events worldwide. This year, National Running Day encourages you to celebrate by making a donation to The One Fund Boston.  This fund has already raised over $37 million for victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.  So while I run for fun and for sport and for my personal 50x50x100 campaign, this is a much bigger calling.  So lace up your sneakers on Wednesday, grab a friend and get out there.