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Monday, July 30, 2012

Voted The Most Pristine Weather

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho gets voted Most Beautiful Weather in my book. Upper 50s in the morning, 80s midday with gentle breezes, strong sunshine and no humidity, I am ready to pack my bags and move.  Race the River was a spectacular event with a ripping current in the Spokane River.  For the first time ever, I was first out of the water. That was a highlight of the event and shows my pool time is paying off. Coupled with the start of the Olympics, I had some good motivation for a solid event.
A big shout out to my best bud, Ann, who made the trip from Seattle to meet me and keep me company.  It is because of Ann that I was introduced to the sport of triathlon so it's always very special when she joins me. En route home with a week off from racing and then on to Wisconsin. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It seems the states between 30-39 took forever to complete and yet, here I am at state #40.  It is hard to believe the end is in sight and truth to tell, a little depressing.  The big question these days is "what will you do when the campaign ends?"  I don't have an answer but as I am driven by a dangling carrot, I'm sure I will think of something.
I remember saying at some point that I wanted to finish this campaign having accomplished the obvious goals (fundraising, public awareness) but also wanted to be uninjured and still LOVE the sport.  Well, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I have some aches and pains.  You can't race and sit on a plane (and work full time) this much and not have injuries but all in all, I am doing pretty darn well.  And I LOVE THIS SPORT.  I plan to keep racing for a very long time. Last weekend in MN, a 70 year old woman beat most of the 50 year olds.  I want to be her when I grow up.
But first things to Idaho to Race the River (the Spokane that is) and see my best bud, Ann....who is the one who started this whole, crazy triathlon thing.  Can't wait!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Am A Runner

So excited to have been able to see so many friends on this trip to Minnesota, representing state #39.   These friends go "way back" and I am convinced nothing replaces history, even when time passes by.  I love you guys!
The River CityTriathlon in Chaska, Minnesota was a soaker.  Early lightning and thunder gave way to torrential downpours.  It was a challenge for sure and on a rented bike, I was conservative.  I figured there wouldn't be a podium finish for me today.  But apparently, I was wrong.
Here's some history.... After my chemotherapy, I sort of lost my running legs.  I was never ever to recover my youthful splits and typically posted 9 or 10 minute miles.  I told myself, "I am not a runner anymore" and I was ok with that.  Afterall, I had progressed in my swimming and cycling and was able to be very competitive in my age group.  That was before I met the self-proclaimed Freeport Nautical Milers.  If you've followed my blog, you know I have a crazy group (11 in total) of dedicated runner friends that I meet at 4:30 in the morning.  Since running with them a year ago May, I have watched my times go down and down and down and even posted a sub 8 on one of our training runs.  Thanks to them, today I told myself, "I am a runner" and was able to pass almost all of the racers who passed me on the bike.  Woo hoo.
That's one of the cool things about triathlon.  At any given point in your training, you are better at one sport over another.  This year is the year of the run.  Yet another step towards putting my cancer completely behind me.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swimming Hickey

The swimming portion of the sport of triathlon can be very aggressive.  I've come home with cuts, bruises and lumps from the kicking that ensues from trying to claim one's space.  It is not uncommon to come home after a race, do a body inspection and see marks like the one in the photo.  However, I didn't race this week.  This particular blemish appeared after a swim practice with my team this week.  How on earth....?  Dubbed the swimming hickey, I believe I must have crashed into a lane buoy at some point.  We were doing a 1500 meter time trail and so there was passing going on.  At some point I was pushed up against the lane buoy to allow a third person up the middle.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Way Up North

I am headed to Minnesota this weekend for state #39 in Chaska.  The Chaska Triathlon has been so supportive and I want to thank the race director for connecting me with the press.  I interviewed with the Chaska Herald and hope to have a story in the paper two days before the event.  It's been a learning process with the press but what I discovered is that if the campaign gets some press a few days before, race participants know who I am and approach me (or are more approachable) the day of the event.  That means that women (and men) are more receptive to the information I share about early detection of ovarian cancer.  That's the point after all.  So a big shout out to the RD for helping make an impact in Minnesota!
On another note, selfishly I chose Chaska for it's proximity to several of my friends.  I've got three people I am visiting while in the area for 60 hours.  It'll be more of a whirlwind tour than usual but worth it to be able to connect with "old" friends along the way....all at 46 degrees latitude.  Now that's way up north!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking Care

After seven races this season, my body is starting to fatigue.  Five more left to go, I've clearly gotten over the "hump".  Yesterday, in between working a split shift, I took care of me.  I went to my chiropractor and my massage therapist and fit in a yoga class last night.  If it wasn't for all these modalities, there is no way I could keep up this pace, compete the way I do, travel as much and function at this level.  Dr. Sue and Vivian are a vital part of my healthcare and I feel so grateful to have found them.  They are part of my team!  Breathe N Flow Yoga has become an integral part of my training as well and my body is stronger for it.  Thanks to my instructors Liz and Kristin for keeping me strong, limber and balanced.  I don't always have time to fit in a day like yesterday but when I can add just one of these components to my training, my body rewards me with pain-free moments, a spring in my step and a more positive attitude.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mile High City

At 5280 feet, this race proved to be one of the most challenging but also one of the most special.  SheROX triathlon series is in partnership with OCRF so the reception was very welcoming.  The speaking platform was provided at the awards ceremony and I was able to carry the message to almost 300 women.  The survivor's wave was quite large and several women, including members of Team Hope, approached me afterwards for hugs and tears.  Some with success stories and some with stories of women who lost a battle, this is why I race.
A big thanks to Willy (a friend of a friend who is now a friend of mine) for building a bike for me.  Once a bike mechanic and bike shop owner, Willy now rides and tinkers with bikes for pleasure.  It was indeed an honor to meet Willy and his family and expand my circle of support.  Averaging over 18  mph, my homemade sled was pretty sweet.
As for the altitude, well... it proved to be a tough swim but I recovered nicely on the bike and run.  I wound up taking 4th place which is thrilling considering the circumstances.  All in all, a really great race in the Mile High City of Aurora, Colorado.  State #38 complete.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SheROX Colorado

Colorado bound this upcoming weekend for state #38 in the SheROX Triathlon.  Happy to report I will not be any where near the tragic fires of Colorado Springs; I will be racing near Denver in Cherry Creek.  The name of the game will be elevation for this one... something I am not used to at sea level.
A shout out to the folks of SheROX and especially the race director, Barb, for the support of my campaign.  Last year SheROX partnered with OCRF in an effort to bring information about ovarian cancer to women across the country and raise much needed funds for research.  It's a great coincidence how my campaign began with a women's triathlon for OCRF and is coming full circle with this event.  I am very much looking forward to this event, as it will be my only ALL FEMALE  race of the season.  It's always a treat to be surrounded by women in sport.  Now if only the air and oxygen will hold out....