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As an ovarian cancer survivor, I will race in 50 triathlons in all 50 states by 50-years-old to raise $100,000 for ovarian cancer research. This campaign is self inspired, self orchestrated and 100% self funded. In addition, all in-kind donations are turned into cash donations by me in the same name of the person who donates. I race for women who have lost their battle, women undergoing treatment and women yet to be diagnosed.

Please help with even a $10 donation!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

State #20 Coming Up

My final race of the 2010 season represents state #20 on my mission to complete all 50 states. I am so happy the campaign has come to fruition and that I will be 40% done in less than 2 weeks. More exciting is how many people have come on board, donated and thanked me for my efforts. I am 100% convinced lives are being saved.
The race director in Mississippi caught wind of my campaign and has asked if I would like to wear #20 on race day. He also found a bike mechanic that is receiving my bike (via UPS) and putting it together for me. Thanks Ben and Sam! Now that's southern hospitality.
Someone asked me at the beginning of the season if I had a goal. Honestly, I wanted to come out of the season still enjoying the sport and uninjured. I am happy to report success in both areas.
If you are in the area of Hattiesburg, MS next weekend, please come out and say hi. I'd love to meet you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ever Wonder Why Kelly Ripa Fights For Ovarian Cancer?

Just released, this short video explains why Kelly Ripa is so passionate about ovarian cancer, early detection and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Is Why I Race

Good news!!! Hot off the OCRF presses... See how your donations are working.

An international consortium of scientists funded by the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) have discovered new genetic variants linked to ovarian cancer risk. The study was published in the Sept. 19 online edition of the journal Nature Genetics.
The Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC), which was created in 2005 by a grant from OCRF, analyzed the DNA of more than 10,000 women with ovarian cancer and more than 13,000 women without the disease. They found five genetic variants in regions of the genome (chromosomes 2, 3, 8, 17 and 19) associated with ovarian cancer risk.
Four out of five of these variants were more common in women who had serous ovarian cancer, the most common and aggressive form of the disease.

This means that your donations are working!!! Science IS advancing and we are getting closer to finding a method of early detection. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. For those of you who haven't made a contribution, I beg of you.... give up one Grande-skinny-mocha-latte-no whip this week and donate $5 to OCRF. It all adds up. Thanks!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

18 Million Dollars and Counting

That's the amount L'Oreal has contributed to ovarian cancer research to date. Nope, not a typo. $18,000,000!!!
I had the honor of being asked to be one of two presenters at their employee breakfast this morning and it was a wonderful event. Standing room only, I spoke of my journey with diagnosis, treatment and my current campaign and effort to raise money and educate women about early detection. I think it went well; feedback was great.
In a world where money and profits seem like everything and greed runs rampant, L'Oreal is leading the way by being successful BUT doing the right thing. It is often hard to do the right thing but I think it is harder not to do the right thing. Their generosity is overwhelming and continues year after year.
September marks Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. All month L'Oreal will host events to educate their staff, their customers, all benefiting OCRF. They are the model company and it was a pleasure to be asked to present for them.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Was I at a Triathlon or Woodstock?

126,000 square feet of mud, rocking music playing and 7000 people in very little clothing. Sounds like Woodstock? Nope, it was this year's Nation's Triathlon in Washington DC. Entered into the Guiness World Book of Records this year, it is the largest triathlon in the country. Major rains overnight and a soggy forecast didn't dampen the spirits of the athletes, who were there to compete in the Olympic distance event.

It was hysterical. The mud was everywhere. I attempted to try to stay clean but at one point, I gave up and just went with it. It worked to my advantage... I guess. I had an amazing race. Placed 20th in my age group out of almost 200 old gals. Averaged 22 mph on the bike... even through the puddles. Wind beneath my wheels. And a solid run thanks to 2 women who paced me the whole 6 miles. Whoever they were, they were my running angels!

I walked the capital the day before and since it was September 11, it was very special. I met lots of folks along the way, gave out lots of cards and talked about my campaign. But I also took some time to thank the vets I met, saw the memorials and remembered those who lost their lives on that fateful day. The experience was very powerful.

Sore muscles today and a day off from exercise. Only one more race this year and then next year's planning begins. Hoping for another 10 - 12 states next year but let's not get ahead of myself.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Live With Regis & Kelly

So my husband's cousin, Toby, happens to be the piano teacher for Kelly Ripa's daughter. It's a tremendous coincidence and has nothing to do with the video clip she did for me with QVC. We only realized the coincidence after Kelly shot the introduction for me and the video segment. It is such a small world!
Today Toby got us tickets to the show so Kelly could officially meet me and make the connection. It was a blast. I've never been involved with live tv and it was pretty cool to see how it all comes together.
During a commercial break, she came over to introduce herself. She had me stand up in front of the audience and asked me to describe my 50x50x100 campaign. I got a huge round of applause and then she hugged me and told me how awesome the effort is.
I have to admit, I am a bit embarrassed by the recognition but the point is awareness and spreading the message. That being said, what better mouth piece than Kelly Ripa?
I gave her a card with my blog address and we'll see if any more comes of it. In the meantime, lots of people in the audience got a chance to see that ovarian cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence. Thanks Kelly!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Photos From Last Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I hope you are all safe and secure after Hurricane Earl. It has just passed NY and truth to tell, it was a big nothing in my area. We were supposed to be flooded but I guess the course changed and nothing really happened. I guess that's a good thing but I like a good storm.... as long as I am not running or biking or swimming in it.
Here are some photos from last weekend. I barely recognized myself because my attire is so different. Unlike the white and teal uniform, I wore my TTT colors. This weekend is about rest and recovery, with a smattering of working out. Next weekend is another Olympic in Washington DC with about 5000 other athletes. I haven't been to DC since I was a kid so it should be fantastic. The course is right in the thick of the capital so the sights will be great and the course is flat and fast. I can't wait. But first... my R & R.
Be safe this weekend wherever your plans take you.