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As an ovarian cancer survivor, I will race in 50 triathlons in all 50 states by 50-years-old to raise $100,000 for ovarian cancer research. This campaign is self inspired, self orchestrated and 100% self funded. In addition, all in-kind donations are turned into cash donations by me in the same name of the person who donates. I race for women who have lost their battle, women undergoing treatment and women yet to be diagnosed.

Please help with even a $10 donation!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thanks QVC

My video just aired on QVC and I wanted to thank them for helping to get the message out.  Early detection is the key.  Ovarian cancer is 94% curable if caught early.  But it is often undetected until late stages.  At present there is NO method of early detection.  OCRF is working on that and all we need is your donation.  Help if you can, please!  $5 ... really, that's it. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Saturday Tomorrow

I am so excited because my story is going to be on QVC's Live From Super Saturday broadcast tomorrow. It airs from 2 to 4 pm. Here are a couple of photos from the shoot day. Super Saturday is OCRF's largest fund raiser of the year and this year they wanted to include a survivor in the their broadcast. Guess what.... it's me. And it's a role I take very seriously. My cancer was not "for nothing". I survived so that other women will have a chance. My efforts to raise money for OCRF will go towards finding a method of early detection. Traveling around the country and competing allows me the grass-roots opportunity to talk to women about signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. I KNOW lives are being saved. And if QVC can help me get this message out, all the better. Please consider a $5 donation by clicking on the link above. Every penny of your donation goes to the cause as my 50x50x50 campaign is 100% self funded. Spread the word.
But most importantly, if you are not feeling right about your body and it lasts for more than two weeks, go to your doctor and make him/her PROVE TO YOU THAT YOU DON'T HAVE OVARIAN CANCER.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

End of the Journey... for now

I am sitting in the Phoenix airport awaiting our return trip home. It feels like we have been gone for months. We covered a lot of ground. To recap... 2 races, visit with cousins from both families, a friendly match of horseshoes, Flagstaff, Provo, Salt Lake City, soaring, tubing on the Virgin River, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, the rodeo, horse races, nature hikes, Morman Tabernacle Choir, fireworks, 2000 miles in Arizona and Utah.
So this chapter closes and we bring home the memories and the photos. We met some nice folks along the way and hopefully educated some about ovarian cancer and early detection. As much as this was a vacation, the mission was always at the forefront of our minds.
We'll hit the ground running when we land in NY. Don and I will go back to our busy lives and
cross paths occassionally. He leaves for NC for work and I travel to WV for another race. It's the nature of our lives. It's ALL good. Thanks for following us on this journey.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coming Down Is A Good Thing

If you've been following my blog, you know I have been in the 7000-9000 foot range for the last week.  It has been beautiful and we are having a ball. But the altitude has been tricky and our breathing suffered, especially during our hiking and at last week's race.  That being said, I now know first hand why athletes like Lance Armstrong train in Colorado.  It's called blood doping.  Train at altitude, deprive yourself of oxygen and acclimate and then travel to your race destination.  Your body becomes so excited with the lower altitude, your red blood cells soak it up and it puts fire under your wings.  Well not literally, but you get the idea.
I had a great race yesterday.  I did not use a wetsuit as the water temperature was 73 degrees. My swim was terrific.  I rocked it on the bike and averaged 19.5 mph.  The course was flat and fast and I was only passed by one man.  The run was hot and boring.  One nice neighborhood lady was out with her garden hose and sprayed us as we passed but otherwise, not much action to distract us from the pounding of the pavement.
Results..... 1st place in age by a considerable margin.  Podium finish.  14th female overall.  I love holding my own with the 20 year olds...
Off to Bryce Canyon today and then back to Phoenix tomorrow.  Our adventure is about to come to an end. 
But stayed tuned.  Lots more races this season.  A week off and then on to West Virginia.
Please consider passing this blog link on to your friends.  We still need donations (even $5) to help find a method of early detection for ovarian cancer.  As much of a vacation as this has been, I don't want to forget why I REALLY do this.  Help out if you can. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Up Up And Away and UT

Finished with the Grand Canyon and made our way through Zion. Did an amazing 2 hour tube ride down the Virgin River...great way to see the canyon. Then on to Utah. Happened past an airport and Don said, "I've always wanted to soar." So soar he did. I've been before so it was his turn. 11,000 feet elevation, 30 minutes, 3G manuevers, it was fun to watch from the ground. I was happy that he got to check it off his bucket list.
Salt Lake City and the Morman Tabernacle Choir... got to see a rehearsal. 320 in the choir, 110 in the orchestra. Nothing short of amazing.
Race check in today and race tomorrow. Getting used to the altitude and finally feel acclimated. Stay tuned for results of state #16.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back On The Grid

Just off the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and back on the internet. Sitting in the parking lot of a McDonalds to bring you this post... did you know most of them have internet access? Who knew? Thanks Janette for the information. Fast food places have a benefit...
So the results from the race are posted. Looks like I missed the top 10 by 20 seconds. Still getting used to the altitude. Ran yesterday after hiking the Grand Canyon all day. Whew! What workouts. Good thing though because I am eating my way across this state...especially S'mores. What's a campfire without them?
Met some great folks at the race. Talked to them about ovarian cancer and early detection. Gave out some cards and already received a donation. That's what this is all for... remember?
Congratulations to my NY friends who raced the NYC tri last weekend. Heard it was brutal with the heat.
More from Provo... stay tuned.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not Enough Air To Breathe

I live at 5 feet below sea level. This race was at 7500 feet above sea level. Translation... No air to breathe.
I had a really tough time on this race. Mostly the swim. I couldn't catch my breath and for the first time
the first time ever, I had to do the breast stroke and backstroke. I figured as long as I
was making forward progress, I couldn't quit. But DNF did cross my mind.

The bike was better. Picturesque. Lake Mary is really a beautiful place. And average
18.6 mph so obviously my breathing was better. I took a tip from a pro I met recently who
told me I spent too much time in the big ring. So today I stayed in the small ring the entire time
and I think it paid off.

So since I used the small ring, I had fresh legs for the run. And run I did. I was very
happy with my run. I've been working on it since its been my weak sport.

No podium finish but given the altitude, I'm thrilled. A big shout out to my cousins
Janette and Butch who drove from San Diego to be with me. And of course, Don for
being my chief cook and bottle washer.

Note this post is from my Blackberry so apologies for any formatting errors.
We head to the Grand Canyon tomorrow en route to Utah for next week's race.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

On My Way To The Grand Canyon State

We leave tomorrow!! Woo hoo! I remember last December when I planned my race schedule. I decided to do AZ and UT back to back weeks and planned this RV vacation with my husband. You know how it is? You make plans 8 months ahead and it feels like forever 'til it gets here and then BAM! It's here.
My bike has arrived. I got a call from Tom at A-1 Bike Center in Mesa that she arrived safely and has been put together. Check. Camping gear assembled. Check. Race documents and maps organized. Check. Tonight I'll figure out the clothes. 40 degree temperature swing in Flagstaff, where the race is. Layers of clothes, I guess. It's the desert, afterall.
And racing at elevation. Don't even get me started on that. That'll be interesting. Don't count on any podium finishes this time.
So if you're in Flagstaff on Sunday, please come say hi to me. I'll be the one in the bright TEAL uniform, riding the bright TEAL bicycle.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

20 Is Better Than 19

I like numbers and 20 is a much nicer number than 19. That's why I decided to add another state to my list for this season. I have just registered for a final race in Mississippi in October. It's harder to find races in October but I searched down south and found one. I will fly into Jackson and drive 2 hours to Hattiesburg. I've never been there so it'll all be new for me. I'm really happy because by the end of this season I will have 20 states completed plus Wash DC.

Yesterday my bike was shipped to Arizona for the AZ and UT races. I leave next week for the southwest leg of this triathlon season. I am really excited because my husband is joining me and we are renting an RV and cruising through the Grand Canyon.

Just to remind you... this campaign is 100% self inspired, self organized and self funded. Not one penny of your contributions goes to my travel arrangements, flights, bike ship or race entries. That's all on me and is my commitment to the cause. Please consider making a $5 donation, even if you have already made one. Or consider passing this link on to anyone you know who would be able to donate. Fundraising is tough in this economy and I am doing everything possible to spread the word. Please please help if you can.

And if you live near Flagstaff, AZ or Salt Lake City, UT... come see me race and say hi!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Social Networking At Its Finest

So if you saw Julia & Julia, you know the gal who blogs wonders if anyone actually reads the blog. She puts the question out to the great worldwide web and lo and behold, people are following her. It's a cute movie if you've never seen it.
Guess what? People are reading my blog. I am so glad I put my email address in my revised blog. I am actually getting emails. It makes my blog experience seem a little more meaningful.

This week I got an email from a gal who lives in Texas. I am not sure how she found my blog but she was interested in my campaign and offered her home and hospitality when I race in Texas. Can you believe it? The kindness of strangers! A total stranger offered to house me when I race in Texas. I am planning on being there next year and will definitely keep her in mind. I have saved her email (I hope I remember where next year when I need it) and will contact her after I plan next year's races. I am still blown away.

So lest I doubt that these little notes are reaching people... I now have proof.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my new design and for those people who are following me. Please consider throwing the net a little wider and sending this link to your friends.

Happy and safe 4th of July to all!