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As an ovarian cancer survivor, I will race in 50 triathlons in all 50 states by 50-years-old to raise $100,000 for ovarian cancer research. This campaign is self inspired, self orchestrated and 100% self funded. In addition, all in-kind donations are turned into cash donations by me in the same name of the person who donates. I race for women who have lost their battle, women undergoing treatment and women yet to be diagnosed.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Aloha and Teal Toes

The gathering has begun and we have everyone painting their toes TEAL in preparation for Sunday's event.  You'll notice even a couple of man-feet in this photo.  More teal toes to come but we still have a few days left before the race.  So far 14 of the 22 have gathered and last night's dinner was surreal.  I had to do an airport run and when I returned to our condo, my husband was preparing dinner for 12 of my friends and family, gathered around the kitchen island.  Representing 9 states, I was blown away looking at the smiling faces.  All these years, all this planning, all this anticipation... all this love, it is finally here!  I am blessed. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Big Jump

Having crested over my $100K goal, I sort of backed off on the fundraising.  Not that the campaign is over... I was giving all my loved ones a rest and truth to tell, with the PR push for Hawaii, I've been a little busy.  But lo and behold the fundraising isn't quite finished.  This past weekend I covered a lot of ground; work, family, social events, training, crossing paths with lots of people from my many walks of life.  Checks came rolling in.  Seems some folks wanted to give me an additional boost now that I was so close to my final event.  I am happy to report I visited OCRF today with $2500 worth of checks.  Not sure where this puts my total but I have asked for a report before I leave this weekend in an effort to update my fundraising thermometer.  So stay tuned... but for all of you that have contributed lately, a huge thanks for the big jump!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Beginnings

The new question of late is "What will you do when the campaign is over?"  Truth to tell I haven't wanted to think too much about it because where my intention goes, action follows.  I have wanted to stay completely present in this last year so as not to miss one single moment.  The next chapter will reveal itself when it's time.  New beginnings will make themselves known and that is a very exciting prospect.  I learned not to fear change from my mother.  Even a blip in the road was treated as an adventure.  Most people hate it but I seem to thrive on it.  
Today my mother starts another new beginning in her life.  She is being baptized.  For years she has searched out a spiritual home and has finally found one.  It reminds me that life is always a cycle and just as one of my journeys is about to end, hers is just beginning.  I am so happy for her and blessed for the model she created for me.  Simple lessons.... continue to search for what makes you happy, embrace change, stay in the moment, and know that new beginnings are always available.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Excitment Mounting

Oh my goodness... I am starting to squeal with excitement.  Emails are flying back and forth with the 22 people who are joining me in Hawaii.  The guest bed is becoming a pile of things I am considering for the trip. The luau is booked.  I have officially ended my double workouts and I am putting final touches on itineraries.  In 11 days I leave for state #50.  So far I have some good press interest and am hopeful it comes through.  You never know; news interest is iffy until it is actually in print.  But I remain positive.  I am working on securing OCRF gear or something TEAL for everyone who is attending so there will be a "team" representation at the race.  Thanks to my buddy John for making so many jerseys.  But I have an idea.  On November 24, wear teal in honor of my 50th state and post the photo to my Facebook page.   I would love to complete the race and log in to Facebook to a sea of supporters sporting the colors.  Say that 10 times fast.