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As an ovarian cancer survivor, I will race in 50 triathlons in all 50 states by 50-years-old to raise $100,000 for ovarian cancer research. This campaign is self inspired, self orchestrated and 100% self funded. In addition, all in-kind donations are turned into cash donations by me in the same name of the person who donates. I race for women who have lost their battle, women undergoing treatment and women yet to be diagnosed.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Tiniest State

Just because it is a small state doesn't make it any less significant. Plenty of women in Rhode Island will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and most of them will die. It's a fact and is confirmed by the CDC. In case you're interested, you can click here to learn about statistics in your state. The numbers are terrible....all the more reason for this campaign.
I will travel to Newport this weekend to race in state #31. Luckily this one is close to home and does not involve air travel. If you've followed my blog at all, you know the traveling component of my campaign has been challenging this year. So although weather forecasts are iffy for the weekend, I have the comfort of my Prius and open road. Now if the rains can hold off, it'll be perfect.