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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flying Through The Air

... with the greatest of ease. Isn't that how the saying goes? Well that was not the case 3 days ago. I had a big fall and it was NOT with the greatest of ease. I was out for a 6 mile run. It was a beautiful, early morning run and I was feeling terrific. My legs were strong and my stride was swift. I remember even thinking how it felt effortless. Before I knew it, I had tripped and was off the ground, flying through the air. What did I trip on, you ask? NOTHING! I just mis-stepped. Everything moved in slow motion after that. I had the time to think how much this was going to hurt but not enough time to react. I came down hard, scraping hands, jamming shoulders, twisting hips, pretzel like. What is it about pride that makes you look around to see if anyone saw? I quickly jumped up as if nothing happened and continued, limping, on my run. Everything hurt and blood was quickly trickling down my arms. Tenacious is my middle name and so I continued and finished the planned 6 mile run. I am so stubborn.
Long story, short, I am sore and healing. My training will take a bit of a hiatus this week as I continue to heal. Luckily I am nearing the end of the season so the pressure is off. I have to remind myself (again) that these things happen. Life gets in the way. And it is out of my control. I can have the plans in place, but then there is life that interrrupts and messes up the plans. Being the Type A, control freak, this lesson is hard for me. Maybe that's why I keep getting reminded of it. But does the reminder have to come in the form of bruises and abrasions?