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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grass Roots Effort

As you know by now, I spoke to about 75 women from the Mullica Hills Women's Tri Club on Thursday night. It was a huge success and I asked each woman to go home and tell 5 friends or family members what they learned that evening about ovarian cancer and early detection. Well here is an example of one woman's commitment to do just that. Cheryl is one of the members, turned self proclaimed tri-addict last year. Cheryl now keeps a blog of her efforts and gave me a shout-out after Thursday's presentation... all in an effort to reach more women and save more lives. To read her blog, click here or on the photo header above. This is a grass-roots effort and not just for women. Every PERSON (men and women) can play a part in saving lives . Learn what the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are and be proactive about knowing your body, watching your loved ones and speaking up. It's so hard and so simple. But so necessary!