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Monday, April 18, 2011

State #22.... Check!

Whirlwind weekend for sure. Flew in to Florida on Friday night and went straight to a pre-wedding dinner for Jesse and Tovah. Saturday, picked up bike at bike store, test ride, race check in, package pick up, quick swim in the very ROUGH ocean to literally test my sea legs, a quick nap and then off to the wedding. By 11:30 pm when dinner hadn't been served at the wedding, I decided to take my leave in preparation for the next day's race. It was a great event but a cousin of mine asked me at 11:15 pm, "Why are you in heels the night before a race?" I figured it was time to shift gears and get into tri mode. A big congratulations to Jesse and Tovah on the nuptials. I was so glad to be able to be there for the event. Sunday 4:30 am came awfully quick (with 4 hours sleep) and off to the races I went. 1000 very buff Floridian racers! Luckily the ocean was more calm then the day before and cooperated with flat conditions.

The race went well. Temperatures were perfect and I gave it my all. Interestingly enough, I learned I don't need to be a slave to my pre-race eating habits. I have some flexibility and my stomach is forgiving. I placed top 10 in age, which given my wedding activites, seems quite good. Post race, it was a quick shower and on to the wedding next-day brunch. And then a very long nap. Whew.... home again. My bike is en route to Indiana now. Looking towards my next race in a couple of weeks.