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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Recap and Thanks

On this, the eve of Thanksgiving, I want to share how grateful I am for my health and my amazing support team, including a wonderful husband. What a tremendous year of training, racing, traveling and spreading the message of early detection for ovarian cancer. I am often amazed at the direction my life has taken and feel blessed that I have been able to "use" my cancer for a greater good. I sent my triathlon team, Team Total Training, a very brief recap of my 2011 season and wanted to include it for you to read as well. Here goes...
31 states completed to date, $55,000 raised to date.
15 races planned for 2011, 13 completed and 2 cancelled due to weather.
Texas – group of firefighters joined my campaign and raced in their first tri. Very emotional.
Florida – tag teamed it with a family wedding night before the race. 3 hours sleep.
Indiana – the nicest folks yet and good press.
Georgia – Jekyyl Island – incredibly beautiful.
Alaska – moose on the bike course. Need I say more?
North Dakota – floods, race almost cancelled. Only 6 participants but the race went on.
New Jersey – women of Mullica Hill rock.
Kansas – 111 degrees. Heat stroke. Humbled.
Nebraska – Hilliest so far. Who knew?
Louisiana – in August. What was I thinking? 94 degree water.
Oregon – flights cancelled for weather. Never made it.
Tobay – well you know how that went. Hurricane Irene had other plans.
Montana – I want to move to Missoula. No, really!
Rhode Island – first time with a split transition area. I don’t like it.
Bermuda – just for fun. SheROX sponsored me. Nice way to end the season.
I am relatively injury free and still love the sport and the campaign is gaining momentum.
Picked up by several newspapers and radio stations and was on the TODAY show this past summer.
Reaching hundreds of women in an effort to educate about early detection of ovarian cancer.
19 more states over the next 2 seasons. Stay tuned.
Thanks all for your support! I am not on this journey alone.