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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Year In Review

11 states this season with a total of 42 completed to date.  If you do the math, that means 8 left for next season and the campaign is over.  Truth to tell, I would like to slow this whole machine down.  States 15-35 are a bit of a blur; I was trying to tick off numbers and somehow missed them.  I know I was present at the time but the details elude me.  Now that I see the light at the end, I want to really "experience" each moment.  Goal for next season... slow down and maybe even stay an extra day in each state so I get to take in the local culture. 
But first, a recap.
  • Tennessee - took 1st in age, nice way to start.  Amazing hospitality from some new friends I've met along the way (in Bermuda last season).
  • New Mexico - backwards event.  Run, bike, swim.  Memorable moment.  A 10 year old comes up to me during the run and says, "So this your first?"
  • South Carolina - cousin John was my driver and all around assistant.  Very nice indeed.
  • Oklahoma - met friends Kari and John from Texas. Always more fun with friends.
  • New Hampshire - took 1st again and nice to be so close to my old home, Boston.  Thanks to Facebook, friends saw I was there and drove up that morning to surprise me.  The power of social media!
  • Missouri - HOT... had to walk part of the run.  Firefighter John from Texas decides at last minute and joins me.  Borrowed a slick sled from the RD.  Specialized.  Hmmm?  Worth considering for my next bike.
  • Colorado - the week before the movie theatre shooting.  I was in that exact theatre the week before.  Still kinda freaked out about that.  Homemade bike from my buddy Willie.  It wasn't pretty but she flew.  Averaged over 19.5 mph.
  • Minnesota -  Friends Ralph and Carrie hosted me.  A soaker.  The only race of the season in the pouring rain.  I guess that's not too bad.
  • Idaho - C d'A, the most beautiful place on earth.  Thanks Ann for joining me.
  • Wisconsin - the smallest race and the locals with the biggest hearts. 
  • Arkansas - joined by crazy Texas friends again.  So fun.  In the zone...race of my lifetime.  Took 1st in age again and capped off the season feeling strong.
Other things to note.  I still LOVE this sport.  I am relatively uninjured.  Well... not injured enough to really complain about.  I met hundreds of people and got a chance to spread the message of early detection.  The press was cooperative and the campaign got radio time, in newspapers and on tv.  I crested over the $81,000 mark and am on track to reach my $100K goal.   But first a month off from impact activities.  No running and no biking.  Only yoga, weights and swimming.  And probably not a lot of blog time.  I will ramp up again in about a month and start planning 2013. 
Thanks to all for the support and love along the way.  I couldn't do this without you.  Stay tuned.