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Sunday, August 11, 2013

When a Noun Becomes a Verb

Sorry for being out of touch for a while but I was off the grid, literally.  My husband is a boat captain and often transports boats up and down the east coast.  Occasionally I mate for him and last week I arranged my schedule to join him on a four day trip.  Being in the prime of my season with 3 states left to go, I didn't want to lose any fitness so he suggested bringing my running shoes to (at least) be able to keep up with that sport.  One of our stops was Coinjock, North Carolina situated roughly between the Middle of Nowhere and the End of the Earth. 
With 375 gallons to fill the tank of the vessel before moving further north, Don suggested I take the time for a quick five mile trek.  He said the natives were friendly and I wasn't likely to encounter any car traffic.  He told me to go "Forest Gump" myself.  At one point I was running between two swamps and actually did feel like Forest.  It certainly was reminiscent of the movie footage.  But all of sudden I thought about what lives in those swamps and started looking for eyes on the surface.  Alligators?  I saw several snake skeletons so I knew they resided there.  The fear of alligators and whatever else made me pick up my pace and I was able to negative split the run.  To say that Coinjock is a remote location is a vast understatement.
So "Forest Gump" myself, I did.  It became the line of the trip and I even giggle about it several days later and that's how a noun became a verb.