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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Greetings

With the holiday season behind me, I find myself gearing up and planning my race calendar for 2014.  You may recall a secondary goal of the 50x50x100 campaign was to finish "relatively" uninjured and still in love with the sport.  Check and double check!
Continuing on with the awards....
MOST LOCAL SUPPORT: Iowa.  Residents of the Holiday Lake Community travel by golf cart.  They all came out to the parking grounds and transported us and our gear to the transition areas and then did the same on the return after the race.  Nice touch.  Especially since the race and transition area was up at the top of a dam.
BEST POST-RACE GIVEAWAYS: Vermont.  The race director must be pretty connected.  He had so much gear to give away and an endless amount of raffles.  Mixed into the award ceremony, the raffles were plentiful and substantial...helmuts, wetsuits, sunglasses, wheels.... it lasted for over 2 hours.
MOST SIGNIFICANT RACE HISTORY: California.  Back to where it all started, I raced in San Diego on Fiesta Island.  History says this was the birthplace of triathlon and it felt very special to race where is all began, less than 40 years ago. 
MOST ROAD KILL: Missouri.  Not much to say about that except gross!