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Monday, January 13, 2014

The List Continues

LEAST AMOUNT OF RACERS: North Dakota.  Shortly before the race in North Dakota, there was terrible flooding that almost cancelled the event completely.  Many homes were destroyed and people were displaced.  The venue had to change but the race director was determined to proceed.  Six people competed in the Olympic distance event.  By far the smallest race I have ever been part of.
BEST MUSIC: Virginia.  Luray Triathlon wins here.  Rocking tunes to help me cross the finish line and as a side note, peanut butter and jelly for a post-race snack.  Nice touch.
BEST POST RACE FOOD: Alabama. Even though the pb&j in Virginia was fun, the hot, spicy Jumbalaya in Alabama not only filled my stomach but it warmed my soul.  Yum!
FLATTEST COURSE:  Georgia.  Jekyll Island is a barrier island and flat as a pancake.  I didn't like it as much as you would think because I rely on the hills to gain speed. Flats aren't my thing.  There wasn't much shifting or variation in position with the terrain being the same, so after a while it was kind of boring too.  Beautiful but not my cup of tea.
LONGEST LINGERING EFFECTS OF A RACE: Louisiana.  Swamp rot as diagnosed by my dermatologist. Brought on by infectious waters. Contagious, fast spreading. Totally gross. Lasted two weeks post race.
LATEST RACE START: Nevada.  Called the Showdown at Sundown, this Las Vegas event went off at 4 pm.  It totally messed with my head, as I didn't know how to eat that day.  Around noon my mom suggested I take a nap and start the day all over again. I did just that and had my morning oatmeal at 1:30 pm.  It was unique, beautiful and a nice change.