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Monday, September 13, 2010

Was I at a Triathlon or Woodstock?

126,000 square feet of mud, rocking music playing and 7000 people in very little clothing. Sounds like Woodstock? Nope, it was this year's Nation's Triathlon in Washington DC. Entered into the Guiness World Book of Records this year, it is the largest triathlon in the country. Major rains overnight and a soggy forecast didn't dampen the spirits of the athletes, who were there to compete in the Olympic distance event.

It was hysterical. The mud was everywhere. I attempted to try to stay clean but at one point, I gave up and just went with it. It worked to my advantage... I guess. I had an amazing race. Placed 20th in my age group out of almost 200 old gals. Averaged 22 mph on the bike... even through the puddles. Wind beneath my wheels. And a solid run thanks to 2 women who paced me the whole 6 miles. Whoever they were, they were my running angels!

I walked the capital the day before and since it was September 11, it was very special. I met lots of folks along the way, gave out lots of cards and talked about my campaign. But I also took some time to thank the vets I met, saw the memorials and remembered those who lost their lives on that fateful day. The experience was very powerful.

Sore muscles today and a day off from exercise. Only one more race this year and then next year's planning begins. Hoping for another 10 - 12 states next year but let's not get ahead of myself.