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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Racing Smart

If I told you today's race was brutal, it wouldn't paint the whole picture. 110 degrees of Kansas heat. I walked almost the entire 10K part of the run....the first time I walked during a race (except for once, 6 weeks post chemo so I don't count that time). I thought I was having a heart attack. Or a stroke. No really. But what I realized was that my core temperature was dangerously high and it wasn't worth running. Even after the race, I couldn't regain composure. I was dizzy, seeing spots and had numbness in my hands and arms. It wasn't dehydration; it was just too much heat.

After a long rest at the race site, a cold shower, a snack and a nap, I am back to normal and happy to report state #27 is complete. The map is looking pretty full, isn't it?

A very large thanks to race director, Alan and the Kansas River Valley Tri Club for my largest single contribution to date. A whopping $1500 check. Kudos to the Wichita Eagle for a great piece in yesterday's paper (which I will try to post this week), Donovan Auto & Truck Center for a comp car, Bicycle X-Change for my bike set up and the Marriot/Fairfield Inn in Downtown Wichita for my comp hotel room. And of course.... Matty. A special thanks to my step dad for surprising me here and taking such good care of me after the race. Truth to tell, I think I scared the heck out of him. I was pretty out of it. Did I say the race was brutal?

Next step, Omaha Nebraska in two weeks. But tonight, a big hamburger!