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Thursday, May 23, 2013

An Exercise in Futility

I've been watching the weather all week and holding my breath but when my iPhone showed me that my flight was on time, I was optimistic.  I took a taxi to the Long Island Railroad and then the AirTran and arrived at JFK with plenty of time.   The airport was mildly chaotic but nothing out of the ordinary.  And then I saw it.... CANCELLED.
I quickly found the shortest line and promptly waited 45 minutes to reschedule.  I also tried to call the airline and waited on hold for the same amount of time.  I was rescheduled for 6 hours later than my original flight (enough time for storms to pass?) but from the other NY airport and to another city 3 hours away from my final destination.  I'd arrive at about 2 am tonight/tomorrow but at least I'd be there.  So I found the waiting platform for the bus that connects JFK and LGA.  After a 30 minute wait, I boarded the bus and thought I was on my way. 
Before leaving the airport my iPhone let me know this new flight was also cancelled.  I sweet talked the bus driver into letting me out (even though it wasn't at an official stop) so at least I would still be at JFK.  There is no easy way to get to LGA and I didn't want to wind up there.
I returned to my ticket line, now quite a bit longer with the cancellations et al, and was able to book another ticket for tomorrow morning, with a connection, to a different destination 4 hours away.  Before receiving my boarding pass, that flight was cancelled.  Third time was NOT the charm and I thought perhaps Kentucky was a bust.
One more try and I am officially booked for tomorrow at 2 pm with an arrival in Columbus, Ohio.  A 4 hour drive and I will arrive in Maysville, KY.  The B&B and the car have been rescheduled.  The only hitch is the bike.  I won't arrive in time for the store to be open and have left 2 semi-frantic messages for the owner.  Hope he feels like staying late or being creative in how he can get the bike to me.  Ah...the logistics of the campaign... and an exercise in futility.