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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Most Difficult Race To Date

I chose races for location and time of year and one would think Alabama in May is a pretty safe bet. But a stalled cold front brought a high of 43 degrees, driving rain, sustained 18 mph winds and fog to the area this weekend. If it had been a local race, I would have rolled over in bed and skipped the event, like almost 100 entries did this morning.
Huddled together like penguins pre-race, the sound of teeth chattering and blue lips did nothing for my psyche. For a change, everyone couldn't wait to get into water, the easiest part of today's event. I dreaded leaving the safe haven of 55 degree water; usually too cold but today like bath water in comparison.
The bike hurt. The freezing rain stung my skin. Hypothermia was a realistic concern and the mountain climbs were relentless. My water bottle developed ice crystals and my nutrition almost froze. It almost didn't matter because my fingers were too cold to manipulate the distance to my mouth.
The run was welcome but attempting to take off my bike helmet and change shoes was almost comical. The pain in my hands to manipulate buckle and laces was almost too much to bear. My sneakers had no flexion due to cold, forcing a flat-foot run for the first two miles. The run was pseudo-cross-country through several miles of a rock covered path. The decision to run on rocks or on softer ground through questionable puddles occupied my every step.
And then it was over. By far the most bad-ass race I think I'll ever do. And state #43 done. Thanks to the local Sentinel and Lakeside Post for the articles. Next up, Kentucky. Weather forecast.... who knows?