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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rapid Fire Presentations

Mandl College was a huge success.  On the last day of awareness month, I was able to present my story to seven different classes.  Literally walking from room to room, I sometimes forgot who I said what to but luckily I am familiar enough with the story that the highlights were all covered.  It was rapid fire presenting for sure.  The students were very engaging and had great questions.   Risk factors seemed to come up a lot and that's not something I usually talk about.  Here are some facts:
  • There is no specific age for diagnosis although 40s-60s make up most cases
  • Not having a pregnancy increases your risk
  • Being on birth control pills reduces your risk
Mandl put together a great table of information, lined with snacks (always a good thing when trying to attract students) and asked everyone to come dressed in TEAL for the day.  Probably the funniest moment of the day was when the surgical tech students asked to see my scar.  Without hesitation, I pulled down my pants.  As a triathlete, I am pretty comfortable with disrobing but I still think it caught them off guard that I would actually do it.

Thanks to the Director of Enrollment, Randie Sensor for asking me to come to the school.   I think we were able to impart some great information to these future healthcare workers that can possibly save a life.