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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Record is Broken

WOW... what a weekend of weather! 91 degrees today; broke the record according to all the radio stations. Summer is here but wait, was there a spring? If so, I don't remember it. I couldn't wait to plant my summer flowers yesterday. Now my yard looks lovely.
Great 2 days of exercise for me. I have the LI Half Marathon next weekend so in preparation, I did a 12 mile run yesterday with my friend, Pamm. She and I will be running in it together. I am feeling pretty confident after yesterday's training. It'll be a light running week as I want to keep my legs fresh for next Sunday. Boy oh boy, I hope we have this kind of weather next week. I LOVE THE HEAT. No worse for wear after the run, did some great stretching and was able to stay awake until 10 pm. Ok, so I took a short 20 minute nap midday but that's not so bad. Today was a brick with the team. A brick is when you combine 2 of your sports back to back. We did a 25 mile bike ride with 5 intervals and a run after. I didn't do the whole run because of yesterday's training but that's ok. It is really hard to run after you bike; you go from one set of dominant muscles to another. The first mile, you feel like a spaz but then it starts to click as your brain catches on.
So that's the news. Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful weekend and got to play outdoors.