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Monday, May 3, 2010

Super Saturday Preview

What an exciting day! QVC, you know... the home shopping network?.... came and shot me today for an upcoming segment for Super Saturday. It will air in July and I will make sure everyone knows the date. They wanted a survivor and a face for ovarian cancer that has "beat" it and is living a full life. Well they came to the right place. Full life is an understatement and they got a taste of it today.
It was totally cool and I want to thank Mike and the guys for all their hard work today. They came from PA and sat in rain and traffic for about 4 hours to come to my home. They shot for about 6 hours, only to turn around in rush hour traffic to do it all over again. They rock!
The best part was this tricked out camera that was attached to the back of the truck The cameraman was actually strapped in (I asked) and he was able to film me while riding my bike. I got a sneak peek at the footage and it looks awesome. My little streets of Freeport look like the open road and I look like I am going 50 mph. I can't wait to see the finished product.
The viewing audience for Super Saturday and QVC is pretty huge. If everyone who watches donates $1, I will reach my goal in no time. I hope that message gets across. But I also hope that I provided a message to women who are fighting this battle and women who have yet to be diagnosed.
Thanks guys for a great day and a great start to my season.