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Monday, May 31, 2010

73 mile Saturday

So I had the great opportunity to get away this Memorial Day weekend. Two sets of my husband's family members were vacationing and we went to visit both. One set was in Rhinebeck, NY and other set was in the Berkshire Mountains in Lee, MA. There is 73 miles between the places. I decided in an effort to train, I would cycle the distance. And so I did.
I have not cycled that far, especially solo, in a long time. Truth to tell, I was nervous, especially the first 10 miles, as I asked myself... "Can I do this? Am I crazy?" Yes and no, were my replies.
The day was a little overcast. Note to self, always carry a rain jacket and a plastic bag for my cell phone. I got caught in a down pour at mile 50. I am happy to report the cell phone survived and so did I. But I was quite chilled and never warmed up for the duration of the ride.
It was by far some of the most beautiful landscape I have seen in a long time. There is something meditative about country roads, alone, with only the sound of the gears. I had a ball.
I averaged about 15 mph and because of my husband's daudling, I actually beat him to the 2nd destination.
Cycling is my strong sport for sure. Now if I could get my swim and run that secure, I'd be unstoppable. Next stop, OHIO next weekend. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend.