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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not Enough Air To Breathe

I live at 5 feet below sea level. This race was at 7500 feet above sea level. Translation... No air to breathe.
I had a really tough time on this race. Mostly the swim. I couldn't catch my breath and for the first time
the first time ever, I had to do the breast stroke and backstroke. I figured as long as I
was making forward progress, I couldn't quit. But DNF did cross my mind.

The bike was better. Picturesque. Lake Mary is really a beautiful place. And average
18.6 mph so obviously my breathing was better. I took a tip from a pro I met recently who
told me I spent too much time in the big ring. So today I stayed in the small ring the entire time
and I think it paid off.

So since I used the small ring, I had fresh legs for the run. And run I did. I was very
happy with my run. I've been working on it since its been my weak sport.

No podium finish but given the altitude, I'm thrilled. A big shout out to my cousins
Janette and Butch who drove from San Diego to be with me. And of course, Don for
being my chief cook and bottle washer.

Note this post is from my Blackberry so apologies for any formatting errors.
We head to the Grand Canyon tomorrow en route to Utah for next week's race.