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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Help From Friends

About six years ago, I was shopping for a bike and chatting it up with someone at the store.  A gentlemen asked me, "Who do you play with?"  I had never heard the question phrased quite like that and remember it, clear as day.  I answered that I was a solo athlete, didn't have time to connect with people, had an irratic schedule and as I recall, gave him several other excuses.  He said how unfortunate that was and suggested I might like a training group called Team Total Training.  If you've followed my blog at all, you've heard me post about the group before.  I will be forever grateful for that meeting in the bike store.  I am a proud member of TTT and have been for six years.
Yesterday was the team's winter party.  About a quarter of the team was in attendance but the spirit of the group was alive and well.  One of the interesting things about a team of this size is there are so many folks I don't know.  If you train in a different county or at a different time of day, you rarely meet other teammates.  I am a Nassau County, Wednesday morning swimmer so that means I swim with (pretty much) the same people week after week.  So this team venue yesterday was a great chance to share stories with others.
I want to recognize my two coaches, Steve and Natalie, for training me but also for their unending support of my 50x50x100 campaign.   Steve endorsed my effort in a speech last night that almost made me cry.  It was heartfelt and meaningful.  Especially noted was the fact that I donate any money saved (with comp entries, comp swim lessons etc) back to the cause.   Sure, getting something comped is great but it doesn't help the campaign.  That's why I decided to donate what I save back to OCRF.  To date, I don't know of any other campaign working in that way.  Steve echoed that and told the other members, if given a choice of who to support, they should support me.  I walked out of yesterday's party with donations!  Moreover, I got to spread the message of early detection and signs and symptoms to many people.  Team spirit and the support of others is a vital part of my training.  The guy in the bike store was right; it's much more fun training with friends.