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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Worth The Effort

This is not a photo of me in Crow pose.  But for about 20 seconds in yoga tonight, it could have been.  I have been consistently practicing yoga for almost 2 years.  My husband and I started doing it together in an effort to create a "date night".  It has far exceeded our expectations and we are both hooked.  In fact, he credits his 30 point cholesterol decrease to yoga alone.  I haven't noticed such dramatic effects but I have to admit I am a stronger athlete for it. 
Being humble is part of the yoga spirit and I want to honor that.  You are always "practicing"  yoga and will never, ever be done. For those of us who long for a sense of  completion, this yoga concept is tough to swallow.  Not to mention, it is just really hard to do.  There are some poses that my body doesn't like and others that I am afraid to attempt.  Crow has always been one of poses I struggle with.  But tonight, for about 20 seconds, the heavens parted and I got into the pose... almost effortlessly.  And the best part.....I stayed in the pose until the instructor moved us on to the next pose.  For the first time, I didn't fall out of it.  I almost giggled with excitement but of course, that's not the point.  Is it?  Remaining humble is what I'll do but between you, me and the lamp post, I am totally stoaked.  For tonight anyway, I was able to do Crow.  It has been worth the effort.