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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy Lily Pads, Batman

I can't really explain where this title comes from.  All I know is I was swimming in a very dark lake this morning, streaming over hundreds of lily pads and this is what I kept saying to myself.  I have NO idea why but 8 hours later, I find it amusing.
State #36, New Hampshire....check.  Here are the highlights.  I met Dawn, but not Melissa.  They are the gals who did the radio interview/podcast which apparently quite a few people listened to.  That was cool to learn.  Thanks again to them for the sponsorship of my entry.  The money I saved ($75) on the entry was turned into a donation to OCRF by me.  So they directly (and indirectly) helped the campaign.
Surprise, friends Colleen and Linda saw my post on Facebook this morning and decided to show up and support me.  What an awesome feeling to see them and hear them cheer.  Thanks gals for making the trek.
It might not mean much to some but the photo of me racking my bike is significant because it shows I was the FIRST bike in... that is a first for me and a pretty awesome feeling if I do say so myself.   I really rocked it today.  Averaged 20.2 mph on the bike.
Of particular note is a woman named Laura that I met today.  She heard my radio interview and after experiencing "some symptoms", went to her doctor the next day.  Happy to report she is fine but this is why I race.  Empowering women to be proactive about their bodies is how this campaign will save lives!  Thanks Laura for sharing your story and for affirming that I am on the right track. 
What a day!