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Monday, March 4, 2013

Go Time

Today is March 4 which means there are exactly two months until my first race of the season...on May 4.  YIKES!  How does this happen every single year?  I had plenty of time to prepare.  I tell myself I will do more ...fill in the blank... during the off-season to prepare for the upcoming race year and then wham!  The off-season is over and it is Go Time.  So with two months left, it is time to kick into a higher gear.  And to boot, this year's first race should be a solid test.  Olympic distance, pretty tough course, right out of the gate.  No easing into it like last year.  Nah...why not go for it?  What was I thinking?  Whose laughing now?
But I have to remind myself that I go through this every year.  I feel terribly untrained going into my races, only to find that I am usually fine, if not slightly above average.  Muscle memory is a wonderful thing and although I have not put the hours into the off-season the way I hoped and I have not followed the program I intended... I will be able to complete the race and walk and talk (and possibly chew gum) after.  Help me remember that, ok?