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Friday, June 7, 2013

NASCAR, Triathlon and a Rental Car

I guess I should be pleased that I've raced in 44 states without any major errors. I mean with all the logistics juggling, it was bound to happen. Well I can't claim "mistake-free" any longer. I had a layover at Midway en route to Iowa and went to plug in the address at my final hotel destination. It makes it easier to get on the road when I jump in my rental car. And there it was....the big blank space on my "cheat sheet". I forgot to book my rental car.
Several years ago I started making a spreadsheet for each state. All information for that state is in one place; race information, directions, race director's contact information, race distance and timing, packet pick up, race briefing, flight, hotel, rental car information, bike information ( the most important) and press outreach and contacts. Lastly on my "cheat sheet" is any information about local people who've contacted me, who I need to meet or things I need to do upon arrival. Each state's spreadsheet is a work of art.
But alas, no rental car was planned for Iowa. So with 15 minutes until boarding I got online only to come up empty. No cars to be had. I got on the phone, touted my Emerald Club status which produced a big fat nothing only to learn there wasn't an agency that had an available car within a 100 mile radius. Apparently NASCAR was in town!
My race was located an hour away from the airport so cabs were out of the question and there is no public transportation in rural Iowa. With a racing heart, my tail between my legs for my first major blunder and lightning speed I researched the distance from Midway to where I was trying to go. Five hours...a reasonable distance by car. As I made this decision the gate closed and the connecting flight left without me.
It all worked out but it was a nail biter for sure.