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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Too Excited To Wait For Photos

Just finished state #23 in Muncie, Indiana and while I normally wait until I am home and can upload photos, I am busting at the seams to share my day and can't wait. Muncie Multi Sport put on this incredible race and I have to thank Steve Tamboni and Rich Morris for treating me like a queen. They embraced my campaign and went "all out" to provide a platform for me to spread the message about ovarian cancer. From Facebook and Twitter posts, a link on the race home page, teal wristbands for every athlete, announcements from the bandstand pre-race and mic time so I could introduce myself to the athletes, a morning radio show on WLBC FM, the newspaper interview and a shout out post race.... I can't begin to thank them enough.
The venue was gorgeous and the rain held off. I was in the zone and had a really good outing. Running has been my weak sport but rather than dread it, I psyched myself up during the run, telling myself, "I am a good runner and I can't wait to run". Well it must have worked. I took 1st in age but more important, it was a really pleasurable experience. The last Olympic distance I did was downright painful and this one wasn't.
Well Steve and Rich and their families are taking me to a fairwell dinner so I have to run. There is no way to thank them for this amazing experience. I KNOW we made a difference in some woman's life.