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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Youth of Long Beach

It started with a radio show on WGBB. I was on the same show as a couple of the winning hockey team guys. The DJ, Halftime Howie, suggested a wing eating contest between the Long Beach hockey and wrestling teams to benefit my campaign and OCRF. The event was last night at Just Wing It in Long Beach. That's the background.
I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at 7 pm. But within 15 minutes, at $5 per person, high school students were lining up at the door to witness this event. Armed with a Sharpie pen at the door, I was marking hands as fast as the owner could collect money. A tiny storefront, the room was packed within the hour. We went live on air at 8 pm; the excitement was palpable. I got a chance to speak on air and while the boys glossed over and didn't want to hear about ovarian cancer, their girlfriends listened with wide open eyes and seemed to take in my every word.
The contest was a riot. Six members from each team had 20 seconds to eat as many wings as possible. Team Wrestling won by 12 wings, probably eaten single handedly by their "main man".
So while the boys strutted their stuff and the radio show continued, I approached the high school girls and talked about early detection. I told them to tell their friends, mothers and sisters what they learned. Amazing to me was how many thought a pap smear was the diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer.
Thank you Howie for coordinating this effort. We raised some money and I reached a new, younger audience.