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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Sweet Ride for Tomorrow

Well as you know by now, I am in Alaska. My 25th state triathlon is tomorrow and for the first time, I did not travel with my own bicycle. The race director was kind enough to enlist the
support of the local bike store, Beemuns, for my race day wheels. A BIG shout out to Beemuns, because they exceeded my wildest dreams. I am riding a Trek Speed Concept tomorrow and the best part is that it is TEAL, to match the color for ovarian cancer and to match my tri suit. They could not have been more generous and more supoortive of my campaign. Thanks guys!!! So although I left my teal Trek Madone road bike at home (actually, she is on the way to North Dakota), I am riding a silver and teal Trek tri bike.

There are so many firsts for this event. For the first time, I won't be on my own bike and I will be on a tri bike. The fit is different and I am sure I won't do it justice, as I just won't have the time to learn how to best handle it. For the first time, there are no racks in transition and I will be using a homemade stand. And for the first time, the run portion is a trail run. It all should make for an interesting event.

Again, thanks to Beemuns and the guys for making my life easier and a little sweeter.