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Friday, March 9, 2012

Trading an M for an M

My last post was about the frustration and disappointment of logistics.  But hey, that's racing.  If it was all smooth sailing, it would be boring.  Michigan had to be scrapped but I added Minnesota instead.  Traded an M state for another M state, and both about as far north as you can go.  So it all works out.

Adversity abounds.  There are road blocks everywhere.  The question is, what kind of person am I?  Am I glass half full or half empty?  Thanks to my mom, I am definitely the former.  Taught at an early age that the gift is often buried beneath the adversity, I tend to look at things in a positive way.  Even when I received my cancer diagnosis, I didn't fall apart.  I vividly remember saying to my husband, "Hmm, I wonder what will be on the other side of this".  I looked at my cancer as an adventure and today, look where it is taking me.  Had it not been for my cancer, I wouldn't be on this campaign, traveling the country, meeting amazing people, sharing my story, racing in a sport that I love.  So there you have it; you never know.

With 19 states to tackle, 11 being this year, I am sure there will be some more road blocks.  Last year's theme was bad weather and cancelled flights.  I'll just have to see what this season brings.  Life is unpredictable.  Racing is unpredictable.  It's all what I decide to make of it.