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Monday, August 9, 2010

Keeps Getting Better All The Time

Just when I think I am pretty pleased with my athletic progress, I knock one out of the park. Yesterday my body was inhabited by a younger, more fit person; someone I did not recognize. It was awesome! I placed first in age but that's not the best part. I placed THIRD OVERALL FEMALE. I heard the announcer say that as I was crossing the finish line and really couldn't believe it was me. Hee hee! I'm shocked, humbled, elated, infused and totally stoked for my upcoming Olympic and Sprint back to backs this weekend in VA and DE. The results also helped to make the 8 hour car ride home a little bit easier.... at least the first 2 hours until the adrenaline wore off.
It gets better. I met a man who recognized me for my campaign based on my uniform and said he had "seen and heard" of me. That means the message is getting out there. He lives in Chicago and seems to remember reading something about me on line. All the social networking is paying off. Better still, he is ALSO doing 50 triathlons in 50 states (for no particular cause other than for fun) and West Virginia was state #30 for him. We spent at least a half an hour talking and asking each other questions. I have asked him to email me so I can use him as a resource moving forward. Since he is ahead of me in this process, I think he can be very helpful. He had some interesting thoughts for my final #50 state race but I will keep you in suspense for now.
Keeping my eye on the goal, mom and I were able to talk to lots of folks about ovarian cancer and spread the message. I have 3 emails in my inbox already this morning from folks I met in WV yesterday. I am glad I added my email address to the blog for just this reason. It was a very friendly and welcoming crowd. So state #17 complete. I am riding on air this week.